Why Capitalism Thrives–and how it self-destructs

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I’m Chuck Kelly

Retired management consultant and college professor.

Definitely a member of the checkout generation.

I don’t know for sure if I’m angry or mad (insane). My views certainly are different from what, today, seems to be passing for common sense. Check out this website and decide for yourself.

At any rate, I’m sad and I’m angry—not only at what Republicans have done to destroy the most successful capitalist economic system the world has ever known—I’m also disappointed and angry at the gutless Democrats who didn’t realize they were in a class war and allowed them to do it. The only politicians who are making sense today are the progressive Democrats, the ones the national media consider to be on the fringe left.

So, this is a generic website that can be adapted by any Democrat opposing virtually any Republican, as long as he or she subscribes to the traditional Democratic values explained here.  Republicans—as a political party—have all gone off the deep end into anti-government, anti-labor, anti-tax, pro-corporation, pro-investor, and pro-wealth ideology.

Unfortunately, too many Democrats have become Republican-Lites, and about the best one can say about them is that they are not nearly as bad as the Republicans.

I also give any Democrat candidate for public office permission to use any part of this website, even verbatim, for his/her own campaign. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between one Republican and another, and all a candidate would have to do is substitute the relevant names.

In my view, any of the residents of your local cemetery would make a better member of the House of Representatives than any closet aristocrat Republican. Republicans’ anti-middle-class, pro-wealthy-and-powerful voting record is undeniable, and they have clearly contributed to the huge income and wealth disparity between the ultra-rich and everyone else.

You also can research my own economic and political ideals by checking out my books, newspaper op-eds and websites that go back to 1988, and they clearly define who I am and what I think an effective government looks like.

Of course, many voting disricts have been heavily Republican gerrymandered, and any Republican will be tough to beat.   But the Republican candidate shouldn’t get a free ride in the upcoming election. A fluent Democrat candidate for office would let the Republican Party know that the public is wising up to how they’ve been conned into voting against their own best interests, and there’s a limit to how bad this economy is going to get before voters start actually paying attention.


Chuck Kelly’s brief bio

Charles M. Kelly is a retired management consultant and college professor who holds a Ph.D. in industrial communications from Purdue University. He has taught courses in communication, ethics, and management at Syracuse University, Cal State Universities at Long Beach and San Diego, SUNY at Plattsburgh, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institutes of Management. He has conducted conferences and seminars for numerous Fortune 500 companies.


  •  The Destructive Achiever; Power and Ethics in the American Corporation (Addison-Wesley, 1988) is my best explanation of the main reason all human organizations (corporations, unions, religions, nations, armies, etc.) tend to degenerate as they grow older, bigger, and more complex.  This book is widely available on the internet, but it can be downloaded free from Google Books.

  •  The Great Limbaugh Con and Other Right-Wing Assaults on Common Sense (Fithian Press, 1994) exposes Rush Limbaugh as a demagogue who pretends to fight for working class Americans, but actually cons them into voting against their own best economic interests. This book is widely available on the internet, but it can be downloaded free from Google Books.

  •  Class War in America; How Economic and Political Conservatives Are Exploiting Low- and Middle-Income Americans (Fithian Press, 2000) shows how a careful reading of our leading conservative financial publications, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barron’s and Business Week, clearly demonstrates that Republicans are waging class war against working Americans. Used copies of this book are widely available on the internet. However, you can download the book free by going to Class War in America: the book, or by going to Google Books.

  •  Farewell Fantasyland; Time for Political and Economic Reality, (Amazon.com, 2010) is an illustrated book designed to appeal to voters who don’t normally read nonfiction books about politics or economics. It is widely available on the internet.

  • Why capitalism thrives–and how it self-destructs, (Amazon.com, 2018) is a voter’s guide for deciding which politicians actually believe in the kind of capitalism that benefits the rich, middle class and poor. It also describes those who say they believe in capitalism, but legislate like they believe in aristocracy. And they represent America’s new aristocracy.


You can go to my old website (that I no longer maintain) by going to In Defense of Democratic Capitalism. You’ll see what I’ve been writing about for the past 40 years. You also can check out my newspaper op-eds over the past 20 years by going here.


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