Why Capitalism Thrives–and how it self-destructs


Obviously some SHOULD vote for Republicans

High income residents

If you’re making over $250,000 and are only interested in your short-term economic benefits, you should vote for the Republican.  He will fight to reduce your taxes. Those making less than $250,000 won’t see much difference, no matter who is elected, but the higher your income, the greater he’ll make your tax savings.  A Republican victory will be a real bonanza for those making over $1,000,000. Of course, the biggest winners of all are those making over a billion dollars.

He will reduce the costs of the things you buy by continuing to ship American industries and their jobs to low-wage nations.  He will reduce the need for more government income (taxes) by cutting benefits to the elderly, middle class and poor.

But if you value the future you are leaving to your children, you’d better make it your top priority to get him out of office.  The wealth and income disparity between the rich and everyone else is reaching critical proportions, both in the U.S. and abroad.

We’re beginning to see the warning signs that are described by recognized, award-winning historians like T.H. Watkins, Arnold Toynbee, and Will and Ariel Durant.

Riots are occurring in both developed and developing nations, from England and Greece to China and India. They haven’t arrived yet in the U.S., but what is going to happen when unemployed or underemployed formerly well-paid middle class workers find they can no longer to afford health care, a home, or a decent diet for their families?

T.H. Watkins, in his book The Great Depression, described the social turmoil that resulted from the excesses of the 1920s, such as when protesting veterans were gassed in our nation’s capital. His explanation for the Great Depression: “[In 1929] most of the personal wealth in the country resided in the pockets, bank accounts and portfolios of a tiny percentage of the population. But goods had been produced for the millions, not the thousands, and the millions, in the end, simply could not afford them…. The banks, one banker remembered, ‘provided everything for their customers but a roulette wheel.’”

Historians Will and Ariel Durant, in their book Lessons of History, concluded that unregulated markets usually resulted in growing and prosperous economies—but they also were accompanied by an increasing disparity in income and wealth between the rich and everyone else. As the disparity grew, they eventually reached a point at which revolution was inevitable.

If the revolution was violent, as in the French Revolution, wealth was redistributed but also destroyed, and everyone was worse off. If the revolution was peaceful, wealth was preserved but redistributed, and the nation became stronger. The Durants cited President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as an example of a peaceful revolution, as well as other historical precedents.

The famous historian, Arnold Toynbee, (A Study of History) analyzed the growths and breakdowns of 21 civilizations and found they shared many of the same characteristics. One of the first signs of a declining society is class warfare in which the elite minority (however the elite is defined) control the economy in ways that greatly favor themselves at the expense of others. Their short-term power and affluence becomes more important than the long-term national interest.

In summary, if all that matters to you is your short-term personal affluence and a government that favors the wealthy and powerful, then history suggests that you vote Republican.

If you’re genuinely concerned for the future of our country, and want a world leadership role for the U.S. and a prosperous economy that benefits all classes of American citizens, then vote for a Democrat.

Investors in multinational corporations and their executives

If you’re a high-level executive in a multinational corporation, or one of their investors, he’ll make sure you have access to the poorest paid and most abused workers in the entire world.  Even your operations in this country will continue to be immensely profitable because your outsourcing of jobs has already created stagnant or declining wages, adjusted for inflation,  for as far into the future as you can see.  If workers threaten to strike, you can always move more operations to Bangladesh.

Voters whose single issue is more important than jobs and the economy

  • If your right to buy an assault rifle and armor-piercing bullets, without a background check, is more important to you than a good economy…then vote Republican.

  • If outlawing all forms of abortion is more important to you than saving America’s middle class… then vote Republican.

  • If you think that it’s more important to make rich people richer—so more money trickles down—instead of getting more money into the hands of consumers… then vote Republican.

  • If you are more impressed by politicians who wrap themselves in the banners of “capitalist,” “Christian,” “family values,” or “understands business”—than their actual voting record—then… vote Republican.

Of course, you probably should live in a gated community, because the relentless growing disparity between the ultra-rich and everyone else has a bad record for social discord.  You might also make sure that you drive a car that can withstand a collapsed bridge that should have been repaired years ago.  And, oh yes, make sure you diversify your bank deposits in various places, because you never know which ones will be around a year from now.


Obviously, some SHOULD vote for Democrats


Small business owners

In case you haven’t noticed, you are on the losing side of America’s class war and its commitment to globalization.   You’re the ones who are hurting because of the declining purchasing power of America’s middle class and poor.  You have fewer customers who have enough money to buy your products and services than you had in America’s better days.

Multinational corporations are the big winners because they benefit from low wages–here and abroad–and they increasingly are getting more of their profit from the developing world. To quite an extent, they’ve become immune to deteriorating economic conditions in the U.S.  High unemployment or underemployment doesn’t bother them as much as it does you.

The enviable position multinational corporations enjoy was no accident. It was the direct result of conservative politicians who supported legislation that encouraged the exodus of our industries to countries that had low wages and few or no worker protections.

Controlling the labor supply has always been the go-to strategy of anti-labor politicians, and expanding the U.S. labor supply to include the entire world is the ultimate cure for the threat of workers making decent incomes.

In Congress, true Democrats will offer and support legislation that protects the productive employment and incomes of America’s workers–and your customers–in this country.

The bottom 95% of residents of a voting district

Yes, the bottom 95% should vote Democratic even though only the bottom 50% are severely distressed by this economy.  The pain will expand up the income ladder as our national economy continues to degenerate.  The factors that used to contribute to a growing economy have been outsourced to the developing world, and that trend will continue until deliberately reversed.

A Republican will not only continue that trend, he’ll also oppose any efforts to provide governmental assistance to those who are suffering most from Republicans’ previous votes in Congress.  Republicans want to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and what you’ve seen so far represents only the beginning of what they want to do to middle America.

Democrats will do their best to reverse the globalization trend, and will support government efforts assist those who have suffered most—through no fault of their own—from our degenerating economy.

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