Why Capitalism Thrives–and how it self-destructs

Mick Mulvaney’s philosophy as South Carolina representative is classic Republican Anti-Capitalist

Mick Mulvaney was against programs that protected the environment, workers and the middle class—and for programs that benefited corporations and their investors.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (see their description in the right sidebars) gave him an “F” for his votes in favor of unregulated foreign trade.

The far-right-wing group, Club for Growth, gave Rep. Mick Mulvaney one of its highest ratings of 97.  The objectives of the Club for Growth, as stated on their website, include “death tax repeal,” “expanding trade freedom (free trade),” and “regulatory reform and deregulation.”

In other words, Rep. Mick Mulvaney believes that:

  • Workers, not those who inherit millions or billions, should be taxed.
  • Corporations should be free to abandon American communities and locate manufacturing facilities in low-wage countries, and then sell goods duty-free in the U.S.—and thus drive out of business those corporations who still provide jobs in our own country, and
  • Our government should continue to allow corporations, including financial organizations, to operate free of any minimum standards for conducting business.

On February 17, 2012, Rep. Mulvaney voted AGAINST HR 3630, which would extend the payroll tax cut, which would be of great help to small businesses.

On February 3, 2012, Mick Mulvaney voted AGAINST HR 658, the Federal Aviation Administration Act, which would provide for airport planning and development (and more jobs).

ON November 30, 2011, Rep. Mick Mulvaney FOR Hr 3094, the labor law amendments that would limit the authority of the National Labor Relations Board.  Again, he shows a typical Republican bias against any federal program that represents the interests of workers.

On November 17, 2011, Rep. Mick Mulvaney voted AGAINST HR 2112, appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development, and the Food and Drug Administration.

ON November 3, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted AGAINST H Amdt 849, which required public disclosure of Bonuses and Golden Parachute Arrangements.

On October 12, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 3078, the free trade promotion agreement with Colombia.

October 12, 2011, Rep. Mick Mulvaney voted FOR HR 3079, the free trade promotion agreement with Panama.

On October 6, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR Hr 2681, to repeal EPA emissions regulations for cement manufacturers.

On July 13, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 2018, which would limit the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to impose water quality standards.

On May 4, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 1214, repealing funding for school-based health center construction.

On May 3, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 1213, to repeal funding for state health benefit exchanges.

On April 7, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act , which prohibits the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change.

On March 29, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 839, to terminate the Home Affordable Modification.

On March 11, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 836 to terminate the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program

On March 10, 2011, Mick Mulvaney  voted FOR HR 830, to terminate the Federal Housing Administration Refinancing Program.

As a legislator in South Carolina, on April 2, 2008, Mick Mulvaney voted against AM1 to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit, which would benefit workers making below poverty wages. The same workers victimized by the same kinds of free-trade legislation that has caused stagnant and declining wages.

Also as a South Carolina legislator, Mick Mulvaney voted on March 21, 2007 FOR H 3355, Pre-Abortion Ultrasound, which required a physician and the pregnant woman to view an ultrasound before an abortion.


Mick Mulvaney is Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If he and his Republican colleagues remain in office, descendants of the wealthy will pay no taxes on inherited millions, and no taxes on their future income from investments. All taxes to support our government will be paid by those who actually work for a living.
Rep. Mick Mulvaney never passed up a chance to enrich multinational corporations and their investors. If he remains in office, and Republicans control Congress, corporations will increase their power to pit the world’s most impoverished workers (assembly line, scientists, accountants, engineers, computer programmers, etc.) against all Americans who work for a living.
It’s taken us 30 years of closet aristocrats to ruin the greatest economy the world has ever known, and it’ll take a long time to bring it back. But recovery will never happen if it doesn’t start.

Note: If you suspect that this file is unfair to Rep. Mick Mulvaney, or that it distorts his voting record, you should view his complete record at the Vote Smart website. You’ll be amazed at how his votes helped destroy the kind of democratic capitalism that made this country the success that it was.


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