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Rep. Myrick doesn’t create jobs; she reduces labor costs for corporations

Rep. Myrick claims she’s fighting for jobs, but her votes always
benefit Wall Street, corporations and their investors

Sue Myrick’s website reads like a worker’s dream come true.  It’s loaded with headlines that proclaim how she is saving jobs for District 9’s workers.

According to her website, “Rep. Myrick is fighting to make sure free trade is fair trade. Every country- including China- needs to play by the same rules so there is a level playing field for American businesses.

Rep. Myrick has been fighting for the textile industry since coming to Congress in 1995.  The 9th District of North Carolina is one of the most textile intensive districts in the U.S.  Recently, Rep. Myrick has been working on a number of enforcement issues to make sure China, and other countries, play by the rules of international trade.”

Like all Republicans, she accurately cites the number of export jobs that her votes for free trade have created.  Also, like all Republicans, she neglects to admit that every free-trade agreement has resulted in a net loss of jobs in the U.S., a rapidly increasing trade deficit, and lower wages relative to inflation.

Sure, giving our export industries a free entry into other countries is a benefit, but giving low-wage countries free entry into the U.S. market results in a huge net loss.  Her vote for HR 3078, the “Trade Promotion Agreement with Colombia” sounds good, until you understand the history of our trade with Columbia.

In order to help Columbia with its war on drug agriculture, the U.S. in 1991 removed tariffs on their goods coming into the U.S., even though our exports to Columbia were still taxed.  So, on the surface, it seems reasonable to make even further concessions to Columbia in order to get our tax-free entry into Columbia.

However, it would be far better if we would protect District 9 workers by placing tariffs on low-wage goods coming from Columbia, instead of eliminating all tariffs.  There’s simply no way our assembly-line workers can compete with workers making one-tenth as much.

In addition, the phony claim that Myrick and her Republican colleagues insist on “fair trade” rings hollow.  Twenty-two union leaders have been killed in Columbia, and 15 of those were killed after the U.S. agreed to a labor action plan with Columbia in April.

The same is true of all international trade agreements, from the infamous NAFTA to the current ones.  Third World countries know full well that their ability to attract foreign investments depends almost entirely on their ability to provide low-wage workers who have few or no legal protections.

Voters in N.C. District Nine should recognize that there is no way the U.S. can force China or any other sovereign nation to actually enforce worker protection agreements on their end.   Indeed, it is in their interests to cheat, and their cheating enhances corporate profits and penalizes American workers.

What the U.S. can do, however, is protect American industries and jobs from unfair foreign competition—by controlling the conditions under which goods and services can be imported into this country.  And that’s exactly what I would do in Congress.

Rep. Myrick’s vote in favor of the trade agreement with Panama (Oct. 12, 2011, HR 3079, “Trade Promotion Agreement with Panama”) was a sell-out to corporate interests of a different sort.  Panama’s economy thrives on banking secrecy, and its “comparative advantage” rests on the ease with which U.S. companies can create subsidiaries there to evade U.S. taxes. A Government Accountability Office study identified Panama as the only current or prospective FTA partner listed on all of the major tax-haven watchdog lists.

(Go to Citizens Trade Campaign for further details.)

Rep. Myrick supposedly supports education and students, but doesn’t vote that way.

(This file is being constantly updated and expanded.)

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