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Sue Myrick’s voting record: classic anti-capitalist

Rep. Sue Myrick’s impressive website reads like it was written by a public relations firm. Judging from her videos, audios, op-eds, press releases and committee assignments, you would think she is a champion of working Americans and that she believes in an economy that benefits all classes of society.

Although she has done some token things to benefit working class residents of District 9, if you look at her voting record and her actual views about taxes, international trade and the role of government—you see that she’s a classic closet aristocrat.

She makes sure that working Americans get only token benefits when she gives huge tax breaks for the wealthy. Then she can claim that her actions benefitted everyone. Of course, government becomes underfunded and Republicans claim that “we can’t afford to extend unemployment benefits or to pay for programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.” (Check out the file: Republican “starve the beast” strategy worked, as planned.)

On her own website, she states that she wants to eliminate inheritance taxes and taxes on capital gains. She’s a perfect example of what Barron’s wrote about in 2002:

From Barron’s magazine (our most prestigious conservative financial publication for serious investors), Feb. 16, 2004, at the height of George Bush’s popularity:

Bush … is engineering a fundamental change in the tax system. By gradually taking capital out of the tax base through reductions in levies on dividends, capital gains and inheritances, Bush is transforming the income tax into a pure tax on wages. If Bush can finish his work, the capital gains, dividend and estate taxes may disappear entirely.

How’s that for a dictionary definition of an aristocracy? Wealth is inherited, the income from wealth is not taxed, and all taxes are placed on those who actually work for a living.

She’s also never seen a free trade bill she didn’t like, and makes the usual Republican claim that workers in District 9 will ultimately benefit because it will stimulate our exports and create jobs. Of course, our actual history of trade deals conclusively demonstrates that we lose far more jobs than we gain, and the real winners are multinational corporations and their investors.

In addition Rep. Myrick wants to “save” entitlements like Social Security by taking away their benefits to America’s non-aristocrats—like delaying retirement for workers, even though many of them wear out their bodies even before the age of 65. According to her and her Republican colleagues, Medicaid and Medicare benefits must be reduced because this rich nation of ours can’t afford to ensure adequate medical care for the growing numbers of elderly and impoverished workers who have lost their jobs because of Myrick’s commitment to globalization.

Here’s her record for reducing working class wages by exporting jobs to countries where workers have pitiful wages and virtually no protections:

    • 5/24/2000    (HR 4444)  Rep. Myrick voted to extend permanent trade relations with Communist China. Now even our scientists have to compete with scientists making one-third as much money.
    • 12/16/2001   (HR 3005)  Rep. Myrick voted  to give the President Fast Track Trade Authority- another ploy to allow more quick deals that gut the U.S. manufacturing industry.
    • 7/27/2002    (HR 3009) Rep. Myrick voted to give Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador & Peru duty free status- so that they can continue attracting American corporations seeking cheap labor.
    • 7/24/2003    (HR 2739) Rep. Myrick voted for the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement- allowing more cheap imports from Singapore.
    • 7/28/2005    (HR 3045)   Rep. Myrick voted for CAFTA- a deal that would remove duties on products from Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
    • 7/20/2006    (HR 5684)   Rep. Myrick voted for the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement. Latin America wasn’t enough so now we’re giving the rest of the world easier access to ship their cheap goods here.
    • 6/27/2007    (HR 1830)    Rep. Myrick voted for the Andean Trade Preference Act Extension.
    • 11/8/2007     (HR 3688)   Rep. Myrick voted for the U.S.- Peru Trade Agreement. Again, she’s never seen an anti-labor agreement she didn’t like.
    • 4/10/2008    (HR 1092)   Rep. Myrick voted AGAINST postponing the consideration of the Trade Agreement with Colombia.
    • 7/21/2010 (HR 4380)  Rep. Myrick voted FOR Temporary Tariff Suspensions and Reductions.  This was a huge laundry list of products that corporate lobbied for free entry into our markets.
    • 10/12/2011  (HR 3079)   Rep. Myrick voted for the  Trade Promotion Agreement with Panama.
    • 10/12/2011  (HR 3078)   Rep. Myrick voted for the Trade Promotion Agreement with Colombia


This leader in class warfare has not been content to reduce corporations’ labor costs by exporting jobs. When those jobs are lost, she votes to deny raising the minimum wages the recently unemployed receive in their new jobs.

    • 5/23/1996    (HR 1227)  Rep. Myrick voted against raising the Minimum Wage.
    • 8/2/1996      (HR 3448)  Rep. Myrick voted against raising the Minimum Wage.
    • 3/9/2000      (HR 594)    Rep. Myrick voted against raising the Minimum Wage.
    • 1/10/2007    (HR 2)       Rep. Myrick voted against raising the Minimum Wage.
    • 5/1/2010 (HR 5618)  Rep. Myrick voted against Unemployment Benefits Extension
    • 7/22/2010 (HR 4213) Rep. Myrick voted against Unemployment Benefits Extension
    • 11/18/2010 (HR 6419) Rep. Myrick voted against Extension of Certain Unemployment Benefits (For Rep. Myrick, voting against workers’ interests is obviously a no brainer.)


Although Rep. Myrick chooses to be stingy in raising the minimum wages of poorly paid workers, she has no reservations about protecting the rights of top level corporate executives to get huge bonuses and golden parachutes under the table.

  • 11/3/2011 (H Amdt 849) Rep. Myrick voted against the amendment that Requires Public Disclosure of Bonuses and Golden Parachute Arrangements.


Of course, those votes were just part of the story. In addition, she habitually comes down on the side of corporations whenever  worker protections or the environment are concerned:

  • 7/31/2008    (HR 1338)   Rep. Myrick voted against protecting employees who complain about pay discrepancies from discrimination.
  • 1/9/2009      (HR 12)     Rep. Myrick voted against requiring Employers to justify discrepancies between paying Men and Woman Equally.
  • 7/30/2010 (HR 5851)  Rep. Myrick voted against the “Whistleblower Protection” for Offshore Oil Workers.  She obviously wants to protect the freedom of corporations to stomp out any unflattering exposures.
  • 12/8/2010 (HR 6495) Rep. Sue Myrick voted against the Mine Safety Act.   Those spoiled miners have life too easy.
  • 9/23/2011    (H Amdt 799) Rep. Myrick voted to Suspend the Cross State Air Pollution Rule. Evidently, it’s more important to her that one of her biggest contributors—the electric utilities—save money (by not hiring people to follow safe pollution emission procedures), than to protect North Carolina citizens from having to breathe polluted air generated from all states east of North Carolina.
  • 10/6/2011   (HR 2681) Rep. Myrick voted to Delaly EPA Emissions Regulations for Cement Manufacturers. For Myrick, corporate profits always trump public welfare.


As a US House Representative, Sue Myrick receives the best health care with that your tax dollars. Yet look at her record regarding health care for others:

  • 1/12/2007   (HR 4)  Rep. Myrick voted against the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act. This bill would have lowered drug prices for Medicare Part D Drugs for  folks enrolled in a prescription drug plan.
  • 8/1/2007     (HR 3162)  Rep. Myrick voted against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program Authorization.
  • 8/2/2007     (HR 734) Rep. Myrick voted against allowing you to import lower cost prescription drugs from our neighbors in Canada.  Most of these identical drugs- which come from the same manufacturers- cost a fraction of what you pay here in America. Whose profits is Sue trying to protect?
  • 11/7/2009    (HR 3962)Rep. Myrick voted against allowing a Public Health Insurance Option to cover all Americans- yet gladly takes free healthcare for herself. Rep. Myrick has received more than $500,000.00  in campaign contributions from Health Care Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies since she has been in office.  Her record speaks for itself.
  • 10/13/2011 (HR 358)  Rep. Myrick voted for Amending the Federal Health Care Law to Prohibit Abortion Coverage.  (Only women who can afford it should be free to choose.)

Since Rep. Myrick has been in Congress, well-paid North Carolina manufacturing  jobs have all but disappeared, the wealth and income disparity between North Carolina’s super-rich and everyone else has exploded, and our whole economy is on the ropes.


If closet aristocrat Sue Myrick and her Republican colleagues remain in office, descendents of the wealthy will pay no taxes on inherited millions, and no taxes on their future income from investments. All taxes to support our government will be paid by those who actually work for a living.
Rep. Sue Myrick has never passed up a chance to enrich multinational corporations and their investors. If she remains in office, and Republicans control Congress, corporations will increase their power to pit the world’s most impoverished workers (assembly line, scientists, accountants, engineers, computer programmers, etc.) against all Americans who work for a living.
If Democrat (Name) replaces Rep. Sue Myrick, he will begin the long and difficult job of returning our nation to a truly democratic capitalism—the kind that made our country the great nation that it still is (for now). It’s taken us 30 years of closet aristocrats to ruin the greatest economy the world has ever known, and it’ll take a long time to bring it back. But recovery will never happen if it doesn’t start.


Note:  This file is devoted mostly to Rep. Sue Myrick’s votes that directly affect the economy and workers.  Her votes on so many issues are so obviously on the far-right-wing fringe, you should view her complete record at the Vote Smart website. (Example: she voted to deny funding for Planned Parenthood, but approved exempting guns from estates in bankruptcy.)


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